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Romans 12:6

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Class 2 had a Stone-Age workshop recently, which was incredibly hands-on and engaging.​
A Stone-Age homo-sapien  came in to wow the children, with their animalistic behaviour and strange language!​ They showed the children some of their weapons and tools and try to communicate with them without using a common language!
The children were able to take park in a 'Bones Investigation'- The children got a chance to handle a plethora of real animal bones and decided what they were and which animal they have come from. Cave Drawings was another activity set up by this workshop - Cave drawings were explored and then the children emulated these using chalk and charcoal on slate boards. 
Tools/Weapons Making- Using knapped flint, sticks, twine and feathers, children made Stone-Age knives, spears, arrows, hammers, drills, axes and anything else they think up! And finally, their favourite activity: Hunting/Archery- Using safety arrows, the children got a chance to have a go at archery! The targets are common animals that the Stone-Age people hunted: wild boar, stags, pheasants, badgers and hares.